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Born out of pandemic needs, Loaves was created solely to serve the needs of our local communities. During 2020 so many families faced food insecurities and were in need of basic items to feed their children and themselves. 

Cake Llama's free bread project has evolved over the years to include jams, jellies, peanut butter and sometimes honey. 

A portion of each event booked with us goes into funding this philanthropic endeavor.

When you support Cake Llama, you're quite literally supporting the local communities. 

Each week we ask our social media supporters for messages of hope, each sandwich kit gets one.

We seem to be in a time where we have forgotten what it is like to struggle and be down on our luck. It is our founder's lifelong mission to cultivate compassion and to hopefully inspire a grassroots effort in communities. Small acts of kindness add up and take very little time out of a day. Time is a gift, so use some of it to give goodness to others because hope is contagious.

"Can I donate money?"


"So how can I help?"

"Get involved." 

How can you get involved?

Volunteer your time by asking for a box of sandwich kits to redistribute within your community. 

We have all seen the impact of economic crisis and have all witness the growth of the homeless community.

Each box has various amounts;

feeling ambitious? Request as many sandwich kits as you'd like.

Short on time? Just snag a single kit.

Giving is giving, big or small. 

We always accept donation drop offs of peanut butter and jelly!

We bake and assemble sandwich kits twice a month.

Sandwich Kit:

1 Loaf of bread

1 PB&J

1 Message of hope

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