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Check out some of the things we stand for!!

2023 Coming Soons:

  • AA/NA Meeting space, in the bakery- coming August 2023

  • Partner with local halfway house for second chance, transitioning hire opportunities- coming Sept 2023

  • Organize an annual fundraiser benefiting the JED Foundation- coming 2024

From our owner and our team:


If you're going to beat yourself up, please use a feather.


If you feel lost, unseen, unheard:

please smash The Button

From day one, our mission was to give back more than we ever receive. Our foundation is rooted in this mindset:

I can't judge you because I am you; because I was you.

Serving our community, sharing personal stories of perseverance, advocating for mental health and de-stigmatizing addiction are what we stand for. 


Check out these magazine and news interviews to get better insight into what you support when you support Cake Llama. 

We openly discuss recovery, addiction, feeding those in need, giving back to the community that supports us, encouraging and inspiring others to advocate for themselves. 

We do our best to provide food for those facing food insecurity, check out our Loaves program for more information and to get involved.

We believe in second chance employment for those transitioning out of incarceration and rehab/halfway houses.

We encourage cultivating compassion to be a grassroots, neighbor to neighbor effort.

 Make an impact, not just an impression.


I'm always looking for new and impactful opportunities. Let's team up, let's connect.


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